About Us

In March 2015 we celebrated forty years of the Hardy Plant Society Nottingham. How have we changed over the years?

In many ways we are still recognisably the same group. Some of us still garden together (notably in the Botanic Garden in Wollaton Park), and most of us attend the excellent evening talks and enjoy the outings, just as our founder members did. The level of activity and enthusiasm of members is as high as ever it was.

We still grow many of the same plants and face the same horticultural challenges. Although we are captivated by anything new, and have been known to experiment with doubtful hardiness, we do still love a hardy perennial. If it will overwinter in the garden, if it can be propagated from seed, from cuttings, or by division, that continues to be what we like best.

There is a major difference, though. The early Nottingham group was founded by some seriously knowledgeable plantspeople and horticulturalists. We, the current membership, are generally just enthusiastic gardeners looking for more of a gardening fix than the TV provides. You will certainly get that at the Hardy Plant Society even though we are learning together rather than sitting at the knee of some gardening guru.

So, if you love gardens and gardening, if you are besotted by plants, come and join us. I can promise you a warm welcome!

Barbara Riley

Our Botanic Garden