Meetings 2020-21

Nov 13th 2020 - Tommy Tønsberg “Confessions from a Norwegian Gardener”

Zoom meeting

The talk is about the trials and tribulations of gardening in a country with almost six months of winter. It’s based on his own garden north of Oslo, the plants they grow as well as the varied climate, supplemented by a short history of Norwegian gardening and some notable Norwegian gardeners.

All members are welcome to join free and will be emailed a link a few days before the meeting.

Photo is taken from Tommy's website and shows his front garden with mixed herbaceous planting.

Dec 11th 2020 - Andrew Hamilton giving a talk about the restoration of the Walled Garden at Wollaton

Zoom meeting.

The history of the Walled Garden from its inception by the 5th Lord Middleton in 1783 to its abandonment in 1991 and subsequently its revival after 2019. Illustrated with photographs and plans, many from the late 19th century, up to the present day.

More info here -

The Gardener's House

Jan 8th 2021 - Micky Little "Is the Snowdrop the spirit of the place?"

Zoom meeting.

A talk on bulbs with a brief introduction followed by a section on Galanthus and an overview of Avon Bulbs and the Chelsea Flower Show, all fun but informative.

Feb 12th 2021 - Ben Preston " York Gate Garden through the Head Gardener's Eyes"

Zoom meeting .

A brief history of the Garden. The design, layout and the innovative successional planting through the 14 garden rooms. The new developments and extension of York Gate to protect its future.

Photo from

Mar 12th 2021 - Gail & John Summerfield "Behind the Scenes at a Nursery" and AGM 7:15pm start

Zoom meeting.

Most gardeners buying from small retail nurseries have little idea of what goes on behind the scenes and what is involved in running these small enterprises. Gail and John will tell us how they came to establish Westshores Nurseries in 1985, tracing its development over the past 35 years and explain how they manage change as they get older.

Apr 9th 2021 - Peter Williams "Propagation for grown up gardeners"

Zoom meeting.

If you ever wondered how nurseries propagate the ‘expensive and difficult’ hardy plants then join in with this talk. You might be surprised to find out how easy they are in reality.

The talk covers growing from seed, cuttings, grafting and other techniques and includes magnolias, rhododendrons, acers, roses, lilies, snowdrops and many other choice plants.

Peter in his own garden - we visited him in June 2019