Garden Diary 2016

New Plants

Plants from the following species were introduced to the garden in 2016:- Epimedium, Euphorbia, Ferns, Geranium, Hostas (miniature), Lilium, Phlox, Platycodon, Pulmonaria, Tradescantia, Trachelospermum. Plus several in the Asteraceae, Boraginaceae and Rosaceae families as well as 25 plants from numerous families for the new Display bed.

Jobs completed

Weekly tasks

    • Cleaning/checking/labelling potted plants and sorting the Sales table.

    • Hoeing/weeding/dead heading

    • Removal of prunings and rubbish

    • Photographing new plants and those in flower, recording on database and uploading to website gallery.

Long Border - Courtyard Side

    • Division of Hostas - potted up 130 plants to sell.

    • Removal of straying Darmera peltata, installing an edging of quarry tiles to deter encroachment.

    • Removal of unnamed Clematis and erection of new support for new plant

    • Revision of Berberidaceae bed, plants removed and potted up for sale, bed renovated. (Podophyllum species divided and returned) Selection of Epimediums planted.

    • Revision of Rosaceae bed, all plants removed, potted up for sale, bed renovated prior to planting up.

    • Excess Polygonaceae plants removed to make new space for Pulmonaria bed and planted up.

    • Total removal of ivy, clematis and jasmine behind ferns.

    • Trachelospermum jasminoides planted to train around doorway.

    • Nestbox removed, to be replaced.

    • Some plants removed from wall top where accessible.

Long Border - Sundial Side

    • Rose trained onto support.

    • Hawthorn hedge trimmed.

    • Weeds removed growing in wall base.

    • Helianthus ‘Lemon Queen’ and Crocosmia removed.

    • New selection of Asteraceae plants (Daisy family) purchased and planted.

Middle Beds

    • Geranium and Phlox beds ongoing renewal

    • New lily and tulip bulbs planted.

    • Penstemons pruned in April, cuttings taken in late Autumn.

Display Bed

    • At least 25 new plants purchased and planted. New supports inserted. All plants established exceptionally well and flowered profusely in their first season.

Maintenance and Admin Projects completed

    • Ivy removed from plunge bed roof and netting repaired.

    • Cap stones on low wall by sheds - loose caps repositioned and cemented in.

    • Bench seats treated with preservative

    • Paths treated with weed killer twice during season then raking and weeding as necessary throughout summer.

    • Continual removal of allium seedlings

    • Some requested plants propagated

    • Plant Requests - New book and procedure established for dispersal.

    • New Plant Accessions - Paper and on line form devised to record new plant acquisitions for each year.

    • Posters - New posters designed and printed for the gate and inside the garden.

    • Email circulation Group set up for Friday Group Members

    • Planting plans developed for Hostas, Apiaceae (Astrantia) bed and Display beds

    • Preparing for all day sales and other events attended off site.

    • Checking the Sunday cupboard weekly for the Volunteers.

    • Maintaining the labelling system of plants and updating the database.

    • Plant Associations - Identifying plants associated with significant past members.

    • Cutting back at end of season and removing fallen leaves.

    • Sorting all potted plants, netting down and securing to deter squirrel damage over winter.

    • Stowing benches and other furniture away for winter

    • Turning off water supply and securing all other equipment.

Photo below - Everyone busy, busy, busy!

Busy, busy! (Small).JPG


We had some new Volunteers in 2016 - we hope they enjoy working in the garden


Arnold Library Saturday April 9th. We attended a small event to promote the local Group and the Botanic Garden.

Shires Plant Fairs West Bridgford Saturday June 18th. We set up our stall for promotion purposes selling plants and greetings cards and handing out complimentary tickets to those showing a genuine interest resulting in new members.