Garden Diary 2013

Plants in Garden

Hosta bed cleared, replanted and sold off lots in pots, Richard Stanway kindly offers every 2 years.

Astrantia bed dug out - decided to replace with new named plants. Kept few red flowered.

Dug out Campanulas and potted on the Persicarias for sale. After thoroughly digging the bed over to remove roots, replaced with named plants. List of these required for spreadsheet.

Heucheras dug up, divided and moved to the Saxifragaceae bed. Replanted one of each species (10) and potted rest for sale.

Grasses bed tidied up and removed Stipa arundinacea, now called Anemanthele lessoniana. Bought 3 new grasses.

Bought or was given a number of new Ferns - all planted. All listed and photographed.

Plunge Beds

Emptied bed by top shed and sold all plants removed, moved cyclamen to fern bed. Put membrane over soil, topped off with pea gravel and made wooden frame for new plunge bed mainly for shade loving plants. Now called Top Shed Plunge Bed

Tidied plants in pots in compost corner and checked for vine weevil.The pots left contain one crate of mainly Podophyllum which had died down but still had live roots in the pot, other crates have unidentified plants and another one or two had named plants. Waiting to see what survives winter.

Plant Sales Aids

Identified “perfect for pollinator's” plants for sale with the bee logo and made laminated signs.

See photo below

Produced more laminated photos for large signs to put in plants for sale pots.

Made plans for display board of laminated photos. Planned for next year.

This friendly crow visits us every week -

he loves Custard Creams!

Recording Plants in Garden

Daisy Bed checked Plants and recorded and photographed

Fern bed Checked all plants have labels and are correct. Photographed all ferns and created an online album.

Regular photographs taken of all plants at their best & added to monthly albums on Google +

2 Photospheres taken and added to Website (April and August)

Updating Iris’s spreadsheet to catalogue all plants in Garden

List new plants bought, cost and from where. Add to spreadsheet.

Tool Shed, The Bothy and The Store

Tidied out Tool Shed - pots, labels and cleaned labels. Also tidied, cleaned and fixed all hand tools.

Cleaned out and decluttered The Store, recycling unwanted plant pots at Notcutts and timber at Beeston.


Cleared ivy and clematis and jasmine off wall above ferns.

Plans for 2014

Continue with the beds eg. Apiaceae. Euphorbiaceae beds.

Clematis Arabella at the back of the Rodgersia needs to be moved in the spring to another bed where it can be appreciated.

Decide what to do with the empty Heuchera bed. Possibly plants from the Verbenaceae family.

Create a seating area

Obtain horse manure - Erica and Carol testing manure from local source.

Take cuttings of Salvias producing plants for sale.

Propagate threatened plants in the garden eg. Penstemon ‘Edithae’

Move and divide large ferns -Advice sought from Hardy Plants and RHS advice online - advised to do in March-May.