Plant Stories

Plant Stories: added information about a selection of plants in the garden.

A few years ago, the Worcestershire group exhibited a stand at the Chelsea Flower Show which won a Silver Gilt Medal. As well as their ground-breaking revolving stand, they used a very innovative idea to label their plants - something called QR codes. These are square digital patterns that when scanned on a smartphone (with a QR code reading app) will take you directly to more information or pictures. As soon as I heard about this I knew it was an idea that would add a little bit of something to our Botanic Garden.

There are twenty plants in the garden that will have QR Codes on their labels so when you next visit, don’t forget to download a QR code scanner app (QR Reader or Red Label both work for example). I hope the stories and plants I have chosen are of interest and/or stimulate a discussion. It is not a finished project. If you have a plant story to tell please do share it with me and I will happily create more codes.

If you have a smartphone, with a QR code scanning app, you may use it to scan the QR codes attached to some plant labels.

  • Open your QR scanner app on your smartphone.

  • Direct the camera over the QR code on the plant label so that it fits within the central square.

  • The camera will take you to our website subpage for that plant where you can read about it and see pictures.

You can contact us by sending an email to

The Botanic Garden in February - the only time you are able to see the labels!