Heliopsis 'Loraine Sunshine' PVR

When you see PVR next to a plant it means that unlicensed propagation is prohibited. This upright, spreading perennial was introduced by Blooms of Bressingham. Apparently a lady called Loraine Mark first discovered it and she was known for bringing sunshine to her work and those around her. It is sometimes called the false sunflower as indicated by its Latin names - helios which is Greek for sun and opsis which means appearance. The flowers last from mid-summer until the first frosts and are particularly cheerful in the Botanic Garden.

Cultivation: it grows in a range of soils, including dry but will be healthier if watered regularly. Propagate by seed in spring.

HELIOPSIS 'Loraine Sunshine'
Heliopsis helianthoides var scabra Loraine Sunshine