Penstemon 'King George V'

This penstemon has a neat habit and scarlet flowers. It does best in a sunny position. Like Penstemon 'Garnet' they can be cut down to the ground in May once the risk of frost has passed. The word penstemon comes from the Latin penta, meaning five and the Greek word stemon, meaning thread or warp (stamen).

Cultivation: deadhead to encourage more flowers. When you cut the plant down in late May use the prunings for softwood cuttings. Shorten the stems to about 5cm, cutting just below a leaf node, trim off all but the top pair of leaves and insert round the edges of a small pot filled with potting compost. Put into a cold frame and repot into a slightly larger pot when the roots are visible through the holes in the underside of the pot.

PENSTEMON 'King George V'
PENSTEMON 'King George V' in display bed